If You Liked This Canceled Show, You’ll Love This Hit

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If you’re an avid TV viewer, or even just a casual one, odds are a show you liked or were at least mildly enjoying was canceled at the end of this season. There were a lot of casualties, especially among shows in their freshman season. While you mourn these losses, remember that it’s summer, the perfect time for playing catch-up. Among TV addicts, the word “summer” translates to “binge-watch,” because you don’t have the commitment of fall TV, and you’re mostly watching guilty pleasures that don’t require your full attention. Now’s the perfect time to find a replacement show that’s sure to be back in the fall. And think of Crushable as your matchmaker. We’ve picked seven canceled shows from last season and recommended a renewed hit for each of them. If you liked the canceled shows, you’ll probably love the hits. Or at least feel comforted in your time of grief.

If you liked Happy Endings… you’ll love New Girl

Happy Endings and New Girl

The cancellation of Happy Endings was devastating to the show’s fans, especially after it consistently got the short end of the stick from ABC. But FOX’s New Girl has a lot of the same quirky characteristics that made Happy Endings so fun to watch.

Similarities: Group of male and female friends in their early 30s, shenanigans around every corner, eccentric characters

Difference: While Happy Endings certainly had its heartfelt moments, New Girl pays more attention to the emotional relationships between characters, especially the romantic ones.

If you liked 666 Park Avenue… you’ll love American Horror Story

666 Park Avenue and American Horror Story

You’ll still be able to watch the burnoff episodes of 666 on ABC over the summer, but if you’re looking for another spooky show to pick up with this fall, look no further than AHS.

Similarities: Mysterious buildings with complex histories, paranormal storylines, flashbacks, the devil, insanity, scary moments

Difference: Because it’s on FX, AHS goes a lot further with its violence, and the plots are much darker. It also explores more horror tropes, and the story changes completely from season to season.

If you liked The New Normal… you’ll love Modern Family

The New Normal and Modern Family

The New Normal was a step in the right direction for television’s depiction of LGBT characters, and Modern Family deals with similar themes of acceptance and embracing differences.

Similarities: Gay couples with children, unconventional family dynamics, precocious kids

Difference: Whereas it was unclear what would happen once The New Normal’s baby was born, Modern Family explores various other characters’ household problems, to provide an even broader view of family in the 21st century.

If you liked 1600 Penn… you’ll love Veep

1600 Penn and Veep

1600 Penn explored the life of a fictional president, while Veep takes a look at a fictional vice president. Both insert humor into an otherwise serious atmosphere.

Similarities: Politicians, behind-the-scenes in D.C., cleaning up scandals, making politics relatable

Difference: Veep is on HBO, so there’s more cursing and an edgier, more sophisticated sense of humor. There’s also less focus on family and more focus on workplace relationships.

If you liked Deception… you’ll love Revenge

Deception and Revenge

We’ve already discussed how much these two shows have in common. While Revenge’s second season hasn’t quite lived up to the first, if you liked Deception’s style, you’ll still enjoy the ride. And just look at how similar those posters are!

Similarities: Young women returning to families from their pasts, ulterior motives, rich people, secrets, murder, one-word titles

Difference: There isn’t much, but Revenge seems to have more of a sense of humor, although Deception didn’t have much opportunity to show that.

If you liked Go On… you’ll love Community

Go On and Community

The shows have similar premises, but they differ in their execution.

Similarities: Group of people with a common purpose (therapy, studying), eccentric characters who work well as a unit, wacky storylines

Differences: Community goes further with its execution, adding more experimentation and meta humor than Go On. It’s more of a cult show.

If you liked The Office… you’ll love Parks and Recreation

The Office and Parks and Recreation

The Office didn’t get canceled in the same shocking way these other shows did, but there are still a lot of people mourning its loss after so many beloved seasons. There’s a good chance you already watch Parks and Rec if you were an Office fan, but if not, it’s safe to say it’ll be your new favorite show.

Similarities: Same creator, mockumentary format, workplace comedy, large group of eccentric characters, in-office romances, relatable storylines, heartwarming moments, character development

Difference: Whereas The Office seemed to drag on for too long and added darker, more depressing storylines, Parks and Rec remains consistently funny and feel-good, from week to week and from season to season.

And there you have it. For every show you lose to cancellation, there’s another show out there just waiting for you to discover it. So get ready for some summer catch-up. Come fall, you could have a new favorite series to follow.

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