17 Netflix Shows That Were Canceled For the Dumbest Reason

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It’s a sad, sad day when you hear the bad news of a television network canceling one of your faves. If you’re living under a rock or aren’t on the Netflix bandwagon, I’ll explain why everyone is getting their world rocked as of late — and not in a good way.

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings (yes — I'm calling him out), has taken it upon himself to cancel a lot of our favorite series and people are not happy with him. I’m sure you can imagine the fury of having your number-one guilty pleasure snatched right out of your hands. It’s maddening. It’s enough to send someone into a downward spiral of pitiful rage. It makes you wonder why we have to face the reality of Netflix canceling shows in the first place.

But of course, the man has his reasons. According to Hastings, the streaming service’s, “hit ration is way too high right now.” He then went on to explain in further detail why exactly that was a bad thing. “I’m always pushing the content team: We have to take more risk, you have to try more crazy things. Because we should have a higher cancel rate overall.”

One man Hasting’s is referring to by “content team” is Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer. Sarandos had his own explanation to offer, saying, “The goal is to become HBO before HBO can become us.” And in order to do that, apparently, they've decided on a crazy amount of cancellations. I guess they need to cancel more shows to make room for newer, “better” stuff. Smdh.

Reasons or not, there are definitely more and more great shows being canceled and more and more people becoming enraged by this. Here are a few shows that have been canceled recently by the streaming service and, not gonna lie, you can expect this list to continue growing in the future: