17 Canceled Disney Movies That Definitely Should Have Happened

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Disney Pixar

Okay, real talk time: if you've never seen a single Disney movie, you must have spent your life so far living under the world's biggest rock. For decades now, Walt Disney Pictures has released hit after hit, totally changing the game in the animation industry multiple times. Admittedly, not every Disney movie was created equal. You can't really compare a direct-to-DVD disaster like Cinderella II to a masterpiece like Mulan! Generally, though, Disney movies hit the mark again and again.

Still, even the most successful of movie studios drops the ball sometimes. Not every idea that Disney has come up with has been good enough to get the green light. Some movie pitches were rejected straight off the bat; others were dragged out until they quietly got canceled years down the line. While some of these failed projects deserved to get the chop, others really should've seen the light of day. Here are just some of the canceled Disney movies that definitely should have made the cut.