30 Great TV Shows That Lived on After Cancellation

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Cancellation is the death blow to any TV show — or is it? Sure, most of the time cancellation is the end of the line… but not every show stays dead forever. Some shows are given a second chance after being cancelled, oftentimes on another network or in movie form. Some shows are quickly saved by other networks to stay on air, and some come back years later only after a cult following has formed and demanded a revival.
One thing is for sure — they've given us hope that for every canceled show, a resurrection may be right around the corner. In this age of reboots and sequel-series there's no telling what show may be revived next. Could it be one of your faves? Keep reading for shows that have been lucky enough to live on after cancellation!

1. Roseanne (ABC)

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Year Canceled: 1997

Year Revived: early 2018

Roseanne was the ultimate blue-collar sitcom in the '90s. The show portrayed the Connors, one of the first families on TV that resembled an actual family. They fought, they struggled with money, and their house wasn't perfectly clean all the time. In 1997, the show was canceled when the ratings waned and Roseanne herself began to lose touch with her own blue-collar roots.

After John Goodman, one of the sitcoms original stars, stopped by his former TV daughter Sara Gilbert‘s new show, fans were clamoring for a full-blown reunion. Things steamrolled from there into an eight-episode revival airing mid-season in early 2018.