Can Jason Sudeikis Please Stop Saying Yes to Everything?

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It could be argued 2011 has been a banner year for Jason Sudeikis in that he was literally everywhere. No sooner did the all Pass billboards come down, than the Horrible Bosses trailer started running on full rotation. I’m not necessarily complaining about seeing his handsome mug all over the subway, but after the dust of Horrible Bosses cleared, we’re still left with yet another Sudeikis vehicle premiering this weekend: A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. If the title doesn’t tip you off to its subject matter, allow the press release:

“A close group of 30-somethings spend every weekend throwing elaborate theme parties at their friend Eric's (Jason Sudeikis) family home in the Hamptons. When Eric's dad decides to sell off their summer playground, the friends agree there is only one way to have the biggest and brashest send off party, a good old fashioned orgy.”

And here’s the trailer:

Besides the fact that most of the actors are way over 30, the premise is just a little too ridiculous – even by the Sudeikis standard. After all he already starred in a movie in which he requests and attains a get-out-jail-free card from his wife to boink whomever he pleases. (Which sounds pretty ridiculous until you consider the premise of Horrible Bosses, where he plots to murder his boss.) So in a way, playing a character whose number-one goal is to plan an epic sex party kind of completes the trifecta. Except it looks pretty terrible, and doesn’t have a supporting cast of Owen Wilsons or Charlie Days or Jason Batemens or Christina Applegates to soften the blow (pun definitely intended).

In reality, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy might be Sudeikis’ dirty little secret. It has the look and feel of something he said yes to before he had the opportunity to say yes to a lot of better things. With his everyguy good looks and deadpan delivery, Sudeikis isn’t as in danger of wearing out his welcome as, say, a more caustic SNL alum like Chris Kattan. But maybe it’s time for Jason to hold out for the plum Woody Allen role. He’s made his point – he can hold his own in a sex comedy. And if this movie is in fact an embarrassing “whoops, thought that was definitely gonna go straight to video” situation, he should let it be a lesson. You don’t get to be a movie star by just dating January Jones; you also need to make good choices. I think he’s at least earned the right to turn a few things down – so here’s hoping he’ll try it out.