Magic Mike Becomes Magic Matt: Camila Alves Expecting Third Child

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Camila Alves pregnant Matthew McConaughey conceived Magic Mike

Matthew McConaughey is one fertile guy, not to mention with a great sense of timing: He overshadowed America's birthday yesterday with the announcement that his wife Camila Alves is pregnant yet again after giving birth less than two years ago. He tweeted,

happy birthday America, more good news, Camila and I are expecting our 3rd child, God bless, just keep livin

And of course I completely read that tweet in his voice because Matthew just has that way of talking. The couple already have two children, Levi (born in 2008) and Vida (born in 2010), and they recently tied the knot after being together for six years. So, a lot of good news all at once! But I have to laugh at the timing, because you know that Matthew and Camila must have conceived their next little bundle of joy while he was filming Magic Mike.

If the rest of us were slavering over Matthew's imperious, slyly grinning character Dallas, what with his half T-shirts and quasi-bondage gear and that downright lovely final lap dance, then Camila was way ahead of us. She obviously got more than one private show in-between the scenes where Matthew played a coldblooded business man threatening Channing Tatum and a loving father figure gyrating with Alex Pettyfer. Still, it's a little awkward. Imagine being their kid — who will probably have a similar out-there, four-letter name — and turning on Magic Mike and knowing exactly what was going through your parents' heads when they made you. And here I thought it was bad enough that I was conceived over Christmas.

Photo: WENN.com/Fayes