That Time Andy Cohen Thought Cameron Diaz Pooped Her Pants At Jimmy Fallon’s Oscar Party

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That Time Andy Cohen Thought Cameron Diaz Pooped Her Pants at Jimmy Fallon s Oscar Party Cameron Diaz Jimmy Fallon April 2016 jpg

It’s never a bad time for a celebrity poop story, right? Right. So imagine my delight when I watched Jimmy Fallon’s interview with Cameron Diaz on The Tonight Show last night, in which they discuss the time Andy Cohen thought Cameron had pooped her pants at Jimmy’s Oscar party earlier this year. You can’t make this stuff up. I mean, you could, most likely by playing a celebrity-themed mad libs game. But in this case I feel pretty certain that truth is stranger than fiction.

Apparently Jimmy had a few people over to his place on Oscar Sunday to watch the ceremony. Those few people included Cameron Diaz and Andy Cohen. Don’t ask me how these celebrity play dates come about. I’ve long wondered the same thing myself. But the point is, Cameron and Andy and Jimmy were all settling in to watch the ceremony when they started to smell something funky. Specifically poop. Or “poo poo,” as Cameron says. It sounds like they first suspected the cheese dip, which has really turned me off the stuff for at least the next three hours before I start craving some. As it turns out, though, it was actually the work of Jimmy’s dog Gary, who pooped behind the couch.

When Cameron ran into Andy more recently, however, he revealed that he initially thought she was the one to blame. In other words, that she pooped her pants. It turns out that he stepped in the dog’s poop and that’s why he could smell it so strongly. But wouldn’t it be amazing if Cameron had pooped her pants, but she got away with it because Gary happened to choose that exact time to poop? I mean, she says she didn’t, but that would really make a better story, if you ask me.

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