Cameron Diaz Pranked Jimmy Fallon’s Baby, And They Have The Adorable Photo To Prove It

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Cameron Diaz Jimmy Fallon April 2014

Last night Cameron Diaz visited The Tonight Show, and because she must know how excited I get about celebrities being friends, she and Jimmy Fallon bonded over the birth of their mutual friend Drew Barrymore's new baby girl. And then since they were on the topic of babies, it seemed like the best time to mention that time that Cameron pranked Jimmy's baby daughter Winnie.

I thought maybe pranking babies, even celebrity babies, was off limits, but apparently not. Or maybe it is off limits and Cameron Diaz is just a rebel. I'm okay with it, though, because the sentence “You pranked my baby” is simply too delightful not to hear, especially coming from Jimmy Fallon. To add to the weirdness, the prank apparently took place at a bachelorette party both Cameron and Winnie were attending. You know about those world famous baby bachelorette parties, right? Of course you do. It would seem those baby-appropriate bachelorette parties work a lot like sleepovers, because Winnie was totally doomed after being the first one to fall asleep.

So Cameron Diaz played the most classic slumber party prank on her while she slept. No, not the bra in the freezer trick. You might not know much about babies, but you should probably know that they don't wear bras. This prank had to do with putting little baby fingers in water, and it's actually the perfect prank to play on a baby because she's already prepared with a diaper! And don't you worry, they didn't just tell this story and expect you to believe it without seeing it with your eyes. They also have photographic evidence, and it's just about the most adorable thing you'll see all day. It's definitely the most adorable baby prank you'll ever see. If you do see another one, though, please send it my way. It's my new favorite thing.