Cameron Diaz And Benji Madden Are Now Competing For ‘Weirdest Couple Ever’

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Cameron Diaz And Benji Madden Are Now Competing For  Weirdest Couple Ever  Cameron Diaz Im thinking we should have sex GIF from The Holiday gifSo Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are apparently dating, and if it’s true, this is one of the most promising entries in the ‘Weirdest Couple Ever’ competition I’ve seen in a long time. Honestly, these two are gonna be tough to catch, people. We’d have to do something drastic like get Benedict Cumberbatch and Paris Hilton together if we want even a hope of passing them up. I know it’s a big sacrifice to make for you Cumberbitches, but we have to keep our collective eyes on the prize!

There have been rumors for a couple weeks that Benji and Cameron were dating when they were seen together at a gym in LA, but Benji refused to confirm the rumors when he was asked during an interview on an Australian radio show. But now Star Magazine is able to confirm that even if the two aren’t officially dating, they’re at least making out, because they up and got some pictures of it.

And in addition, another source says they saw Benji and Cameron having breakfast with a group of six people at ABC Kitchen in Manhattan:

“Throughout the entire meal, Cameron and Benji couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They were whispering to each other and laughing, just having the best time together.”

Well this sounds pretty cute, actually. And for anyone who’s wondering how they met, it was apparently through Cameron’s friend Nicole Richie, who as you may recall is married to Benji’s brother and Good Charlotte bandmate, Joel Madden.

“Everyone else at the table was talking and catching up, but Benji and Cameron were completely removed from the conversation. They were totally consumed with each other. Benji kept his arm around her, and she’d just rest her head on his shoulder and stare at him, grinning. It was obvious that she’s crazy about him.”

Cameron in the past has dated guys like Justin TimberlakeJared Leto, and Alex Rodriguez, so Benji isn’t someone I’d expect to be her type. What are they feeding those Madden boys that they’re able to pull dime pieces like Cameron and Nicole? Good for them.

“I wouldn’t be surprised is they are together for a very, very long time.”

Well, that’ll at least give us time to get used to them as a celebrity couple.

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