Watch It Definitely: This ‘Call Me Maybe’ Supercut Combines Every Single ‘Call Me Maybe’ Video In The World

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Watch It Definitely  This  Call Me Maybe  Supercut Combines Every Single  Call Me Maybe  Video In The World Call Me Maybe Supercut jpg

With the exception of Jay Leno‘s horrible political “Call Me Maybe” parody, I can watch  “Call Me Maybe” videos all the live long day. The song’s just so incredibly catchy and upbeat that it always puts a smile on my face and skip in my step.

A skip in your step’s a thing right? Because I’m definitely skipping in my steps when I hear this song.

Popdust must share my same “Call Me Maybe” obsession because they edited together an awesome supercut of every single “Call Me Maybe” video made to date. Maybe not every single one, but 75 of the best ones.

Among the many recognizable faces, you’ll see Justin Bieber, Katy Perry,  The Harvard baseball team and even Carly Rae Jepsen herself make an appearance in this supercut.  It’s perfectly timed to the music and it’s perfectly timed to the trend. Because just when you thought the meme hit its peak, this video takes it even further.

So watch it definitely!