RIP Catchy Pop Song: Jay Leno Officially Kills ‘Call Me Maybe’

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Wow. Jay Leno just did the impossible. He made me hate the insanely popular Carly Rae Jepsen song “Call Me Maybe” by mentioning it on his show. Just kidding, he did something worse than that. So much worse.

He turned it into an incredibly unfunny political joke with Mitt Romney and Barack Obama lip-syncing it in a van like the Harvard baseball team. The Harvard baseball team video worked so brillianty because it came out of nowhere. College athletes performing a choreographed dance to an upbeat pop song surprised all of us in a good way. Like, wow, here are smart, athletic guys dancing to 2012's catchiest song. Sign me up. (Seriously sign me up. Are any of them on eHarmony?)

Jay Leno playing Photoshop wizard with the 2012 presidential candidates didn't work in the same way. Mostly because Jay Leno referencing anything instantly makes it uncool. Also, this song doesn't relate to the election at all. Not in any way. I don't think Obama or Romney would want to call each other. Not even maybe.

Not only is he late jumping on the trend, but I think we can all agree JibJab owns this type of political parody content and trying to compete with them only makes you look lame. And Jay Leno already ranks pretty high on my lame-o-meter. So, yeah. This just clocked in at super lame.

You can see the entire video right here. But the GIF above should show you the extent of the damage. Oh Jay, stick to the music interests  of your audience. I'm sure's there's a lot you can do with Judy Garland video parodies! (Burn, I know.)