Jennifer Garner Gets Delightfully Politically Incorrect In The Butter Trailer

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Butter trailer Jennifer Garner Olivia Wilde Ty Burrell Rob Corddry

Butter is one of those movies that I feel like has been in development forever: Jennifer Garner tries her hand at the conservative Sarah Palin-esque wife role in this satire about politics, small-town gossip, and carving butter sculptures (which is totally a long-held and seriously regarded competition). It boasts an impressive cast including Olivia Wilde as a vengeful stripper, Hugh Jackman as an asshole, and Rob Corddry playing his usual brand of outraged guy. And the butter sculptures will clog your arteries just by looking at them.

I've been telling my friends for ages how excited I am to see it, even though they hadn't heard a single bit of news about it and legitimately thought I made it up. But now the trailer is finally out and I know I didn't dream all of this up!

I definitely remember this movie as different than when it was initially announced; it's now a bit wackier, but the cast makes me believe they can carry it off. I'm glad to see Jennifer Garner back in comedic roles, and already I can tell her power-suit-wearing bastion of good taste will be more entertaining than Catherine Zeta-Jones‘ caricature from Rock of Ages. But while the plot revolves around Jen, we're most looking forward to how she interacts with the ten-year-old adopted girl named Destiny (Yara Shahidi) who's “stealing” her coveted butter title. Not to mention Olivia Wilde's stripper being Jennifer's husband's (Ty Burrell) mistress. Things are gonna get really politically incorrect, and it's gonna be great.

You can watch Butter On Demand starting September 7th, and in theaters October 5th.

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