Busy Philipps Is All Of Us During The Beginning Of Fall

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Most people know Busy Philipps from Cougar Town and Freaks and Geeks, but to me, she’ll always be Audrey Liddell, Joey’s fun and sassy college roommate who encouraged that bore to be a little less uptight, on Dawson’s Creek. I follow her on social media and she seems just as awesome and spunky in real life, sharing super cute photos of her precious daughters. She’s also REALLY great at baking amazing looking cakes, and I’m inspired. Basically, she needs to be in every movie ever (Hollywood, do you hear me?).

LOFT has snagged her to promote their fall collection, and this collaboration is EVERYTHING.  LOFT is my favorite store, and Busy wears their stuff so well. In a video for the brand called Fall is Hot, Busy perfectly executes the struggles we ALL face when fall comes.

She makes plans with a friend for October and excitedly proclaims “I CAN BREAK OUT MY FALL CLOTHES!” which is literally me the second October hits. Then we see her sweatin’ it through with a hot coffee, wearing a scarf, hat, blazer, and boots while some snotty chick in a sleeveless dress asks her if she’s hot. She then cranks the a/c all the way up to enjoy some hot apple cider, and her husband, shivering, says he’s going to put on a sweater. She says “you should, because it’s fall!”

Fall really is the best season, except when you overdress in your cutest scarves and oversized sweaters and have intense hot flashes, or underdress and freeze to death. But even then, fall is still the best season.

(Photo: LOFT.com)