I Could Not Be More Excited For The Star-Studded Second Season Of Burning Love

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Burning Love season two

Last year I fell in love with the Burning Love web series. In fact I'll go on the record and say it's the only web series I've ever watched like it was some kind of actual television series. I remember when I wrote my first review last year, people asked me if  Burning Love paid me to write it. That's how much my recommendation of the show glowed.

In case you accidentally spent last summer watching shows on TV (embarasssinngggg), let me give you the rundown on the show. It's basically a Bachelor parody that mocks the entire concept of the show. And get this, I don't even watch The Bachelor and I love it. So I can only imagine how much more enjoyable this series is if you hate-watch The Bachelor.

Last year stars popped up everywhere on the show. From Jennifer Aniston to Kristen Bell to Adam Scott to Michael Ian Black to Ben Stiller,  their nonchalant cameos on the show made me feel like I had the exclusive invite to a private improv night in Hollywood. It was amazing and now I hear it's actually airing on E! a the end of this month.

On one hand, I'm so excited for them.  On the other hand, I liked that this show was my little secret. You know, so I could sound extra cool at parties as I puffed my Cruella-De-Vil-cigarette and said, “oh I couldn't be bothered with Top Chef, not when Burning Love is on.”

But enough about me and more about season two! This season's all about dental hygienist Julie Gristlewhite and her search for true love.  True love that happens to include contestants  Michael Cera and Adam Brody. Be still my heart-that-still-beats-for-Seth-Cohen.

You can watch the trailer right here, then watch the first season (hopefully again) right here and then set your alarms for the premiere on February 14th. I am SO excited!