The Star-Studded Burning Love Bachelor Parody Is The Funniest Thing Jennifer Aniston Has Ever Done

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Let me begin this lovefest post by saying that I don't watch The Bachelor. I'm more of a TLC reality show kind of girl. Why watch someone try to meet one wife, when you can watch a guy with three? But I still laughed out loud when watching the first three episodes of the new Burning Love web series. So let it be known that you don't have to be a Bachelor fan to love Burning Love.

The new show features hilarious dialogue as well as big stars like Ken Marino, Ben Stiller, Adam Scott, Kristen Bell, Ken Jeong, Malin Akerman, Michael Ian Black and Jennifer Aniston. Yes, Jennifer Aniston shows up in a hilarious cameo that makes me really like her. I always forget that she-with-the-eternally-empty-womb can actually be really funny.

Also, I love Michael Ian Black. If you're not following him on Twitter, then I don't even know why you're using it.

While I don't want to ruin the first few episodes for you, I will say it involves a blind woman, a half-naked woman, a Christian, an unethical therapist and a pregnant contestant. Oh and the bachelor Mark Orlando (Ken Marino) is a fireman who poses topless. What more could you possibly want in life?

Watch the first three episodes right here and let me know your favorite line in the comments. Spoiler alert: it will be hard to pick!

Fireman Mark Orlando arrives at the Burning Love mansion to meet his future wife. Will she be beautiful, smart, ethnic? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, he's going to have a tough time narrowing it down to one woman. Can't he have two?

Guest Starring: Ken Jeong. Mark gets to know the ladies in the first cocktail party. The night turns dramatic when the ladies are given the task of making the first cut. Who will it be? Mark is hoping to see the blind girl go

Guest Starring: Adam Scott and Ryan Hansen. Haley gets the first one on one date. Mark hopes a night at The Saddle Ranch will bring them closer. Haley impresses him with her zest for life and her record bull riding performance. (Contains adult themes)

(All episode descriptions are straight from the creators of Burning Love)