Kristen Bell Tells Hilarious Religious Cult Jokes On Burning Love

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You've all watched my new favorite web series Burning Love, right? We're already up to the fourth episode and the fake drama's heating up faster than anything you've ever seen on the real The Bachelor. Even the extra-long two-hour special episodes that they insist on showing toward the end of the season. And at the beginning of the season. And sometimes even in the middle of the season.

In case you're not all caught up, you can watch the first three hilarious episodes here. They follow the misadventures of an incredibly stupid firefighter named Mark (Ken Marino) as he eliminates woman Bachelor-style on a reality dating show.  Michael Ian Black stars at the contemptuous host and a slew of other celebrities show up throughout each of the episodes to add their zany humor to the mix. Last week we got to the see the barren and surprisingly funny Jennifer Aniston make a surprise appearance as one of the contestants.

It's the best thing on television right now, and you know what, it's not even on television. I feel comfortable making that bold and incorrect statement because it's that good.

On this week's episode Mark brings the ladies to a comedy club where they get a chance to show off their sense of humor. Which Mark wants them all to have because he usually doesn't get the joke and needs to date someone who can explain it to him. Kristen Bell plays Mandy, a very religious Christian veterinary assistant who brings it hard during this talent portion of the show. She brings it so hard that the jokes go over everyone's heads and they laugh their asses off at incredibly inappropriate religious cult jokes.

The question is if her sinful sense of humor will be enough to keep her from getting voted off. You'll have to watch to find out!