Bunheads Proves Mean Girls Do Nice Things In Secret To Keep Bad Girl Rep

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This week on Bunheads, the token mean girl, Sasha, did something nice. It got me thinking about how even the bitchiest of girls (hopefully) are capable of some acts of kindness. Even Regina George did little nice things in between being a total wench. But mean girls do these nice things secretly as to not disrupt the balance. Fanny, who hasn’t been particularly nice to Michelle since her arrival in Paradise, actually helped her unpack her boxes from Vegas. Granted, it was the middle of the night, but she was being nice. The difference is that Fanny was doing something nice upfront. Sasha gets sneaky, which makes me kind of nervous.

The girls are gearing up for auditions for the prestigious Joffrey summer program, but Boo’s pointe shoes broke. Her mom already thinks she won’t make it because she bought her a cake that says, “Better Luck Next Time!” I think Sasha realized how much of a twat she was last week so she tries to console Boo, but Boo is aware that Sasha is kind of just being nice because she doesn’t have any other friends. That’s what happens when you’re a royal bitch.

So while Michelle is enabling her drinking problem and avoiding gas leaks in her new guesthouse, Sasha steals money out of her mom’s wallet and buys Boo new pointe shoes. Granted, Sasha’s mom doesn’t give a hoot about her but stealing is wrong. Whatevs, Sasha’s a badass and her bag of fucks is out. She tells Boo that her dad bought her pointe shoes, and she doesn’t need them plus they’re the wrong size. Even though Boo doesn’t get the summer program and Sasha does, Boo invites Sasha to hang out since she is actually nice. Is this a turning point for Sasha? Probably not. Abbey Morgan in Dawson’s Creek was nice on occasion, but still sneaky about it. She always reverted back to her mean girl ways. Same thing with Sasha. Yes, she did a very nice thing. But she could have just gone to Boo and said, “Boo I want you to dance, take these shoes.”

Maybe Sasha doesn’t want praise for a good deed. Or maybe she can’t ruin her bad girl reputation. She’s the token mean girl on the show. There’s always a mean girl, and if the mean girl turns nice then everything gets messed up. Sasha likes being the mean girl because people are afraid of her. She’d rather be feared than loved. She justifies her behavior by the fact that she’s a naturally skinny and talented dancer and people don’t like her because they’re jealous.

I tried to be the mean girl once. It’s just not in my personality to be that way, but people who are easily influenced or who hate confrontation will do anything to suck up to you. People want to gain the approval of the mean girl. It’s like when you’re dating a shitty guy and you’re all, “I can change him” No. You can’t. You also can’t change the mean girl, even if she’s nice to you sometimes.

She has to realize she sucks first before she can change, and she has to do it on her own. Or get hit by a bus. I don't foresee Sasha getting hit by a bus next week, but Paradise is full of surprises and honestly it freaks me out that people live there.

(Photo: Paradise California)