The Pros And Cons Of Dating Buddy The Elf

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 Elf Buddy Smiling


Elf never gets old for me. It's one of the few holiday movies that I enjoy watching every single year. Sometimes, if I'm feeling fancy, I'll even watch it twice. There's just something about a grown man in tights that makes me believe in the spirit of the season. Also in love. There I said it. I can't watch Elf without thinking about love. Sorry I'm not sorry for having a heart…that responds to inappropriate triggers. Knowing that now, you probably wouldn't be shocked to learn that my heart recently led me into a discussion with myself on whether Buddy the Elf would be a good boyfriend or not. And rather than keep the debate to myself, I figured that I would share it here with you.

PRO: He's always in a good mood.

Buddy I Like To Smile


You'd never have to worry about him not having a good time. Bring him anywhere at any time and rest assured that he's enjoying himself very much. Whether you're going shopping all day or heading out to lady brunch to talk tampons, he'll be happy just to be there.

CON: But only because he's only on a sugar high

Elf Buddy Eating


Yes, part of the reason that he's in such a good mood is that he's extremely hyped up on sugar. Every. Possible. Kind. Of. Sugar.

PRO: He's full of compliments

Elf Buddy I Love You


He loves everything you do. Even if you're just doing you, he's into it.

CON: However his standards for compliments are pretty low

Elf Buddy You Did It


At some point it becomes troublesome how easily he gives compliments. How do you know if he really likes what you're wearing or if he's just saying it? You don't.

PRO:  He knows Santa Clause

Elf Buddy Santa's Coming


I mean, hellllooo. Is there any celebrity cooler than Santa Clause. Can you imagine getting to nonchalantly drop that name into conversation. “Yeah, then Santa came over to watch the game. What's that? How do I know him? He's friends with Buddy, it's not a big deal.”

CON: Yet, he doesn't know he's not an elf

Elf Buddy Throne of Lies


Part of being an adult is understanding who you are and what you want to be in life. His fixation on behaving like an elf certainly sends up a few red flags about a future identity crises.

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