Gallery: The Many Bad Wigs Of Bryan Cranston In His Non-Breaking Bad Roles

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Bryan Cranston bad wigs Total Recall Contagion The Lincoln Lawyer Drive Breaking Bad

In our list of the top ten most implausible parts of the Total Recall remake, we had to give one spot to Bryan Cranston‘s bad wig as villain Cohaagen—seriously, what is with those poofy bangs? And yet, how can we blame the man when he regularly shaves his head during the year filming Breaking Bad? So, we got to thinking about all of the other movie projects that Cranston crams into his schedule even when playing Heisenberg. Since the show began in 2008 and Walter White went bald, Cranston has kept himself busy during the hiatuses with a bevy of movies and very hairy roles!

Now, we don't have confirmation that all of these are wigs — there's one or two that we're not 100% sure about — but they were all incredibly jarring now that we're used to Cranston as a cueball.

Photo: Hey U Guys