7 Bruno Mars GIFs In Honor Of Him Headlining The Superbowl Halftime Show

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Bruno Mars

Thank you, Football Jesus, for recognizing that the Superbowl halftime show has not been meeting expectations since Janet Jackson's nipple introduced itself to the world.  In news that got me excited for the Superbowl for the first time since my own Pittsburgh Steelers were last in it (yes, I own them), Bruno Mars will be headlining the Superbowl halftime show in February!

Not to dismiss Queen Beyonce, but the Destiny's Child thing was lackluster and that was all I really remember about the entire show now.  But even that was better than the years I refer to as the “Superbowl Dark Ages” which consisted of The Who, The Rolling Stones, and The Black-Eyed Peas, all blurring together in one hot, can't-sing-anymore mess.  Bruno Mars?  Yeah, this guy can actually wail on the spot.  He's talented, a great performer, his songs are catchy to just about everyone, and it's a guaranteed great show.

Even more reasons to get excited about Bruno Mars and the Superbowl?

He can bowl through his legs. This shows dexterity, coordination, and confidence.



He may be little, but he's totally cute.  Okay, he's actually “totes adorbs.”



He was HILARIOUS on SNL last year. He gives 100% to any audience, and is also a really convincing girl.



He's more in sync than ‘N Sync was at the VMAs this year.



He was the cutest child Elvis impersonator ever (sorry, Stephanie Tanner).



He knows how good he is but never gives off that “entitled dick” vibe.



He can pull of a fedora and geeky Ray Bans better than any hipster wannabe you know. I bet he even drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon better than they do.



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