Video: Watch Bruno Mars’ Best SNL Skit, Where He Saves Pandora From Crashing

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For some reason, Saturday Night Live continues to punish viewers by not including its best videos on Hulu: First it was the Joseph Gordon-Levitt Magic Mike striptease, and now they've robbed us of the best part of Bruno Mars‘ hosting gig last weekend. As you'll remember, we were mostly underwhelmed but gave a major thumbs-up to the skit where Pandora crashes and their intern Devin has to imitate each artist closely enough so as not to fool Pandora listeners. Thank you to Ebaums World for posting a copy of the video online! (Fitting that we can always rely on the only video site we used before the days of YouTube.)

First off, it's a brilliant idea for a sketch, especially when you have a musician doing double duty as your host. Also, for all the amusing videos of aspiring comedians doing celebrity imitations, it's not often that you have a singer who can impersonate his peers. Bruno Mars' take on Green Day is pretty hilarious, especially when he just screeches his way through the lyrics. And when he switched over to Katy Perry right in the middle of “Firework” with no build-up? The boy has talent.

Of course, the crowning moment is when the Michael Jackson channel goes down and Devin has to channel the King of Pop. But seriously, who skips “Billie Jean”?! This skit is the perfect mix of overdramatic and tuned in to the zeitgeist, while utilizing the talents of the host. I wouldn't skip it for the world.

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