You’re Going To Love This Video Of Bruno Mars Taking A Fan To Prom(ish)

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If you looked up heartwarming in the dictionary, you would see this video of Bruno Mars asking a high school girl to go to prom with me on The Ellen Show. I think. I haven't looked up anything in a dictionary since 1997, so I don't recall exactly how they work. But I'm pretty positive that every word's definition gets accompanied by a clip from either The Ellen Show or Saved by the Bell.  If I'm wrong about this, please let me know via fax. (It's where I'm accepting all my fact corrections these days.)

Anyway, back to Bruno Mars. Apparently this high school girl Emily invited him to go to prom with her this year. Because that's a thing kids do now. Asking your crush to go to your prom is so Never Been Kissed and so old-fashioned and so like “mooommmm, no one does that anymore, staaahhpppp.” I'm embarrassed even thinking that I went to high school with kids who did that. God, I'm ancient. Don't tell anyone, but I was born in the '80s.

Sadly Bruno Mars has prior (adult) commitments and can't make it to Emily's prom this year. But that doesn't mean he won't have one prom-style dance with her on the set of The Ellen Show. Look, I'm the most cynical, horrible human being alive, but even my heart warmed when I saw Emily and Bruno Mars dance together. She's just so happy! And that makes me happy! And yay for happiness, you know?