Bruce Willis Acts Like A Total Jerk To A British Interviewer For Daring To Ask About His Movie

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Bruce Willis Mary Louise Parker Interview July 2013

Move over, Jesse Eisenberg, and go take a nap, Morgan Freeman! In the ranking of rude or disinterested interviews in the recent months, I think this new Bruce Willis one really takes the cake. And then throws it on the ground and stomps all over it because it was Jamie Edwards' birthday cake, and Bruce Willis hates Jamie Edwards. Let me back up a little. Jamie Edwards is a British entertainment reporter for Magic 105.4 who sat down with Bruce and his co-star Mary-Louise Parker to chat about their new film Red 2. Usually the way these interviews work is that the media outlet conducting the interview gets something to share with their viewers/readers/listeners, and the actors being interviewed get to promote the movie they were paid millions to star in. The general assumption is that the two sides will understand that this is mutually beneficial and therefore put their best effort into the experience. I guess nobody told Bruce that, because he acts like a total dick to Jamie for no apparent reason.

I'd like to think this is some kind of joke orchestrated by Bruce's ex-wife's ex-husband Ashton Kutcher, but it doesn't look it. Jamie starts the interview in a totally pleasant, professional manner, making a bit of small talk and then getting on with the questions. When Jamie asks Bruce what his favorite city to film in was, Bruce answers “Instanbul,” which Jamie points out wasn't in the film. Jamie then reminds them, “At least it proves I've seen the film, which is a good thing.” It is a good thing, and it shows he's prepared.

Bruce then goes into a condescending lecture about how “This part is not acting, what we're doing right now. You might be. We're just selling the film now. Sales. The fun part was making the movie.” Precisely, Mr. Willis, which is why you should suck it up and get through the non-fun part like a civil human being. There are plenty of other insulting remarks and general apathy to experience in the video, in between Mary-Louise Parker's nervous chuckles.

Bravo to Jamie Edwards for keeping his cool and remaining professional throughout what was undoubtedly a difficult five minutes. I bet if Helen Mirren had been sitting in that chair they would have ended the interview with matching friendship tattoos.