If Bruce Jenner Is Indeed Transitioning, The Media’s Treatment Of Him Is Unacceptable

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Bruce Jenner arriving at church with Kris in Los Angeles April 2014I've been working at Crushable for a few years now, so I'm pretty used to the extremes of celebrity news coverage, but when I opened Radar Online‘s article on Bruce Jenner this morning, I legitimately felt sick to my stomach.

Their entire ‘article' consists of twelve photos of Bruce going about his day, presumably within the same five minute period, because all you see him doing is unlocking his car and walking through a parking lot. He looks pretty much the same way that he always does, except that he appears to have put on some weight in his chest area…which as it turns out, is the entire basis for Radar‘s post.

I can't decide if they're making fun of Bruce because they don't think he's transitioning, so it's fair game to make fun of him about that, or if they do think he's transitioning and just don't care that it's a delicate subject…but either way, they are way over the line. They've captioned each photo with some of the most transphobic comments I've ever seen. Aside from the title of the post being ‘Peek-A-Boob! Bruce Jenner Debuts Shocking New Chest Features — See The TRANSformation', which I can't even handle, here are a few of the most offensive excerpts:

“Ever since Kris and Bruce Jenner split up, we’ve been keeping abreast of his TRANSformation. Bruce’s manboobs are the latest addition to his new feminine features.”


“Ever [sic] woMAN needs to start somewhere – in this case, it’s with a training bra.”


“We’ll start to get concerned if the Olympian’s boobs grow larger than his belly.”


“With his wallet out, Bruce should pay for a manly makeover.”

The scariest part is, I don't even think Radar is trying to be hateful, I think they're trying to be funny. They seem to find the potential of his transition so hilarious that they can't look past it to realize that they have the potential to look like huge assholes in a few months or years. Although many of the signs are there, we truly have no idea how Bruce identifies, or if he's transitioning because that's a private matter and he hasn't commented publicly on it.

But if he is, holy shit you guys, you need to fucking cool it! And even if he isn't, other people in the LGBT community have, and do, and will. Is that concept really so ridiculous and hilarious that you need to make puns off the word ‘transformation', mock him for being un-masculine, and refer to his body parts as ‘man boobs'? This is a human being we're talking about, and there's a strong likelihood that he's making a brave, life-changing decision — and doing it openly!

If Radar‘s response to that is to ridicule him in this disgusting, reprehensible way, then that honestly says more about them than it does about Bruce.

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