Bruce Jenner Wants To Divorce Kris Jenner, Probably Because She Looks Better In Earrings

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In case you needed any more proof that love's dead, there are now rumors that Bruce Jenner wants to divorce Kris Jenner. Yes, America's favorite fame-whoring couple may be fame-whoring solo in the future. Unless, of course, E! offers them a Jenner vs. Jenner reality divorce show. I'm picturing a old-timey variety show reminiscent of the Osmonds, the Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Christmas Special and Hell.

What happened to turn this marriage of magic into one of the past? Let's look at the current rumors swirling around:

The National Enquirer (via RadarOnline) claims that Bruce has been secretly consulting with a divorce lawyer and says he's at the breaking point over Kris' flirtations with younger men, and her “raging egomania” over the Kardashian empire.

“Bruce feels that Kris treats him like a doormat, and he’s had enough. She con­stantly belittles his appearance and complains to mutual friends that he’s a boring old fart. Then she has the gall to flaunt her relationships with younger guys in his face,” a source revealed to the tabloid.

First of all, I think calling Kris Jenner a raging egomaniac is probably a compliment for her. There's a good chance she blushes at the thought that her husband thinks so highly of her ambition. And as far as her flirtations with younger men, I don't buy it. She's interested in one thing and one thing only: being a good mother to her children.

Cue the uproarious laughter. That's a joke.

She's interested in money and that's something that younger men simply can't offer her. Hence why she often forgets about her son Rob Kardashian. Rob Kardash-i-who? I know. We all feel that way.

And last but not least, Bruce isn't actually consulting secretly with a divorce lawyer, because the word secret implies we wouldn't know. So I don't know if we can really believe this story. Or maybe I'm just saying that because I actually scared a show like Jenner vs. Jenner would actually get produced.

(Photo: Bruja, PacificCoastNews.com)