What’s Up With Bruce Jenner’s Face? A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Weighs In

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Last night, Bruce Jenner was on Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens Live to talk about the Olympics and compete against Amy Sedaris in various Cohen-invented categories like “ball sack” and “awkward hug.” He also made an inappropriate crack about picking up “girls with big asses,” i.e. his wife and step-daughters. What the hell?

In honor of his appearance, we decided to address a question that's been plaguing us for quite some time: what, exactly, is going on with that man's face? His skin is stretched tighter than one of the soccer balls he pulled out of that sack, and he's veering dangerously close to getting that feline look that people get when they've had too many cosmetic procedures done. (See also: Jocelyn Wildenstein, a.k.a. “Cat Woman.”) How could any rational human who once looked like this:

End up making himself look like this?

We contacted triple board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo and showed him some photos of Jenner, and he was able to answer all of our questions. Read and learn.

Jamie Peck: What kind of procedures do you think Bruce Jenner has had done? And where did he go wrong?

Richard Chaffoo: It appears that he has undergone a complete face lift but he looks rather operated on and unnatural looking. His face seems stretched and somewhat distorted and also asymetrical. There is some swelling under the chin more on the left side than right. In addition, his face has taken on a somewhat feminine appearance which happens when men have excessive and repeated facial plastic surgery. Also, the natural ear landmark called the tragus or cartilage prominence in front of the ear appears distorted or lost in this photo.

JP: How would someone go about correcting this?

RC: Unfortunately, there is no simple fix for this problem in many patients. If they have been stretched too tight, then it is a matter of time until the facial tissues relax and have a more natural appearance. This can take several years, though.

JP: What do you think is going on with his hair?

RC: It does appear that he has significant thinning and actual hair loss. You can notice that one can see his scalp along the frontal hairline. Normally, you should not really see the skin or scalp in the frontal area where the hairline is usually quite dense.

JP: What would you do about it?

RC: It is now possible to restore such a hairline using a revolutionary hair replacement surgery system called Neograft. This device extracts hairs from the back of the head where the hair is quite dense and implants it into areas of hair thinning or hair loss. The hair which grows is permanent and looks entirely natural. This system replaces the old technique which created a hairline that looked like a doll's head or “corn row” appearance. It really does recreate one's hairline to its original look and density. Also, the area from which the hair is removed heals naturally without a scar and no need for stitches.

JP: Good to know!

Image: Bravo TV