An SNL Cast Member Just Beat The Show To The Punch By Announcing His Own Firing

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An SNL Cast Member Just Beat The Show To The Punch By Announcing His Own Firing Brooks Whelan Saturday Night Live bumper 2013 2014 season 39 png(via)

Saturday Night Live may not have gotten around to making any official announcements yet as far as casting changes for next season, but as we’re about to see, that doesn’t necessarily mean they haven’t made any decisions.

Brooks Whelan was added as a featured player for the show’s thirty-ninth season, which premiered in September 2013, but apparently he won’t be making it back for the fortieth one because he’s been let go. At least according to the (very clever) announcement he made via his Twitter yesterday.

Is it weird to say that this is probably my favorite thing Brooks has done all season? It proves that he’s funny and has a great attitude, he was just in the unfortunate position of being a completely auxiliary member in this cast cast, since they were pretty much full to the brim with a similar type of white guy.

For whatever reason, the show added Beck Bennett, John Milhiser, Kyle Mooney, Mike O’Brien, and Brooks in the same wave, and made them all compete for roles and camera time with veteran cast members Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam.

Most of the other guys from that freshman class had their own skills and character bits to add to the show and keep themselves competitive, so it was a tough time to be just a stand-up on that set, even a very funny one. The one opportunity that did crop up for him was to take over Weekend Update after Seth Meyers left, so we should’ve figured out that he probably wasn’t going to make it to another season was when Colin Jost got pulled in from the writing staff to fill that position.

Just a bummer overall for Brooks, but I gotta give the guy big props for making the announcement on his own terms. Good for you, man.