Somebody Should Tell Brooke Mueller That Celebrity Rehab Is On Hiatus

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Brooke Mueller rehab Charlie Sheen four day binge Celebrity RehabSo Brooke Mueller has checked herself into rehab yet again. Not surprisingly, the relapse came about after partying with ex Charlie Sheen for four days straight. (Extra sad detail: She missed Mother's Day with their three-year-old twins.) The source won't say what specifically made her fall off the wagon, but considering that she got slapped with felony cocaine possession in February, we can make some educated guesses.

Brooke's rep says, “As part of her ongoing treatment and as planned, she voluntarily checked herself into a rehab facility several weeks ago.” The “as planned” part has me curious; Brooke seems to be getting herself into trouble and then meekly undergoing treatment every few weeks in a twisted cycle. But what does she think she'll get out of this?

“Brooke’s family is hoping that she finally understands the consequences of her actions,” a source told Celebuzz, but I'm worried as to what she actually thinks those consequences are. In her mind, she's probably crafting a comeback akin to her ex Charlie's bizarre fame of the last year. But VH1 benched Celebrity Rehab almost five months ago, with no announcement for when Dr. Drew will be back to take advantage of drug-addled former stars. So if Brooke is looking to relive her glory days of having an emotional breakdown in front of BFF Paris Hilton on The World According to Paris, this isn't the way to do it.

Photo: Belfast Telegraph