Brooke Knows Best: Episode 2 Videos

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After Hours

Ashley drills Brooke on Spanish. This is going to be hard, Ashley.

Then, okay. Who let the kids have the camcorder?

Check out the deleted scenes and more…

Deleted Scene: Let's Interview the Male Stripper

Brooke and interviews the Italian stripper. Good thing Dad wasn't there.

Deleted Scene: Roommate Chat

Glenn and Ashley share their thoughts on the balcony. Brooke arrives, and they with upon a star, before they go out. O-kay.

Brooke's Mailbag

Check the mail with Brooke. Useless, trivial. Indeed.

Video Diaries

Just this one video. I liked episode 1, where they had more of this. Well, maybe not.

Brooke goes over the hunt for roomie three.

Brooke's Video Blog

So, she has the Video Diaries, now the Video Blog. What's next?

Ashley's Video Blog

Ashley shares her thoughts, in her first episode.

Glenn's Video Blog

Glenn is going to be one of the high points for the show.

So, what will happen next week? We'll have to wait and see. Where does Brooke go from here. She has the penthouse, and now the roomies. It's all just learning not to be a kid in Daddy's house, from here on out, Baby!

What do you think about Brooke Knows Best, so far?