5 People Kim Kardashian Will Invite To Her Wedding Over Brody Jenner

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Brody Jenner

Just in case you thought the Kardashian/Jenner clan couldn't get any more confusing, we have some very awkward news to share with you. Kim Kardashian's stepbrother, Brody Jenner, has revealed that he doesn't think he'll be getting an invite to the royal Kimye wedding. Why not? Because he wasn't invited to their engagement.

According to reports from the event's not-so-secretive guests, there were about 40-50 people in attendance when Kanye West decided to merge the world's two greatest egos and ask Kim Kardashian to marry him. But Brody tells US Weekly that he wasn't there, and apparently neither was Bruce Jenner. I have to wonder if this has to do with Bruce and Kris Jenner's split – we all know that Kris controls every move the Kardashian family makes (and maybe the entire world, who knows), so it wouldn't surprise me if she kept her ex and stepson off the list.

Brody did officially join the cast of Keeping Up With the Kardashians this season, and Kris loves that reality show more than anything else. But I guess it would make some pretty great drama for one of the family/castmembers not to get an invite, so maybe that's the idea.

Family tensions aside, the guest list at Kimye's engagement was more than a bit weird, and we wouldn't expect anything less for the actual wedding. Here are five people who were at the engagement, who Kim and Kanye will probably invite to the wedding instead of Brody Jenner.

1. Joe Francis

Joe Francis

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That's right, the jerk extraordinaire and Girls Gone Wild founder was at the surprise engagement. He's a longtime friend of the Kardashians.

2. Chad Hurley

Kimye are suing the co-founder of YouTube for leaking a video of their proposal. But come on, what did they expect when they invited one of the guys who invented YouTube? Plus, the Kardashians love drama, and having someone they're currently suing at the wedding will be perfect.

3. Marc Pincus

You have probably never heard of Marc Pincus, but he co-founded Zynga, which makes games like FarmVille and Draw Something. So you probably either love him or hate him for the endless notifications. Kanye loves to rub elbows with tech types, so we're guessing he'll be high on the list.

4. Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith dancing

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Will Smith's son is supposedly dating Kylie Jenner, so of course he made the list. The Kardashians are all about sisters, not so much brothers.

5. Robin Antin

You know the Pussycat Dolls founder will be pushing for an invite. She needs it to stay relevant.

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