16 Broadway Musicals That Definitely Need A Movie Version

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When a Broadway show becomes a smash hit, the logical next step for its producers is to sell the film rights to the production. RENT, Mamma Mia, Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera – you name it, Hollywood’s appropriated it. These movies turned out to be incredibly popular – Les Mis won Anne Hathaway a much deserved Academy Award (but ruined Russell Crowe’s credentials as a singer). Mamma Mia’s cult classic status has led to a sequel being planned, and Phantom even proved to us that Gerard Butler can sing! Well, kind of.

But who is it exactly that decides which musicals are going to get the big-screen treatment? Most importantly, why have they still not adapted some of the best shows Broadway’s ever seen? Here are just a few examples of musicals that need to get made into films ASAP.