Video: Cuckoo New Documentary Links Brittany Murphy’s Death To TSA Conspiracy Theory

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Actress Brittany Murphy‘s tragic death is about three years behind us now, and you all know what that means…we’re long overdue for some conspiracy theories and a biopic!

Film School Rejects has received a press release from filmmaker (slash conspiracy theorist) Asif Akbar detailing his plans to make not one, but two films about Brittany Murphy in the coming years. The first, Top Priority: The Terror Within will tell the story of national security whistleblower Julia Davis, who was subjected to various retaliatory actions when she started complaining about internal failures of the TSA. This is all well and good, but what does this have to do with Brittany Murphy? Well, apparently Murphy was friends with Davis, and the press release’s language strongly hints that her death might have had something to do with the TSA’s retaliation against Davis:

The film describes how, after the actress provided a written statement in support of Julia Davis, Murphy was targeted by the DHS/ICE. Soon after, the DHS attempted to deport Simon Monjack. Not long thereafter, both husband and wife died under rather suspicious circumstances.Top Priority hopes to shed some light on what really happened to Murphy, as well as the actresses husband Simon Monjack. The film also, like Michael Moore’s enlightening Fahrenheit 911, hopes to expose some of the dirty dealings and unreported activities of the U.S Government.

For those of you who don’t care that the government killed Brittany Murphy and would rather swallow the lies they feed you like so many sheep munching on pellets, the same guy is also making a more straightforward biopic of the actress called Britt, to be released in 2014.

Do I think the government probably did shady things to Davis? Sure. Do I think they murdered Brittany Murphy? Probably not. But perhaps this enlightening film will change my mind.

(Via Film School Rejects)