Britney Spears Better Bring The Crazy To X Factor If She Wants To Compete With Christina Aguilera

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In fabulous news for those of us still hanging onto our favorite middle school pop stars by a thin thread, Britney Spears officially joined X Factor as a judge. For the cool sum of 15 million dollars, she'll join Simon Cowell and L.A Reid on the judges panel of the popular reality TV talent show.

While Britney's certainly tamed down her wacky antics in the past few years, we're hoping she renews her season pass for the crazy train. Because she'll need it to be successful at this gig. This 15 million dollar gig.

Let's face it. She's essentially going up against her teen rival Christina Aguilera on The Voice. No one listens to Xtina on The Voice because they value her opinions. They listen to her because they want to see what insane thing she'll say next, while wearing something insane. It's insanity squared. Oh and she's sitting on the same judging panel as Cee Lo Green. So insanity cubed.

We're hoping Britney draws some inspiration from Xtina's inspired performance as a “judge” on The Voice and pulls her own stunts out of the bag. Dressing like someone going on an interview at a designer sequin diaper company is already taken. Trust us that Xtina owned that outfit on the season finale of The Voice this week.

But that doesn't meaning getting dressed in a magician's dark closet is out of the question. B. Spears can still pull together crazy outfits and say crazy things to the contestants. I'm certainly not going to put an umbrella in her hand and tell her to go shave her head. That's not the fun kind of crazy.

I'm just talking about good old-fashioned “WTF” crazy.

WTF is she wearing?

WTF is she saying?

WTF is she doing with that cat on stage?

You know, the basics of being a celebrity judge on a reality talent show. So Britney, hit us baby one more time and show us what you can really do when it comes to making a spectacle of yourself.

I believe in you.