A Guy Edited Himself Over Britney Spears In ‘Work Bitch’, And It’s A Total Improvement

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Gal Volinez in Britney Spears video Work Bitch June 2014I have good news for anyone who agreed with me that Britney Spears‘ video for her song ‘Work Bitch' was a little lackluster — some guy edited himself into it instead of her, and it's a ten thousand percent improvement.

Now I know that the Britney Army is a particularly rabid fan base, but we can all agree that Brit-Brit had a pretty bad case of the dead eyes the day she filmed that video, can't we? She's worked (bitch) in a few of her other videos, but for this one, she could barely muster up the energy to pick up her feet as she vaguely gyrated against the wall, so I'm all about getting some fresh meat in there.

And in this case, the fresh meat is Gal Volinez, a Britney Spears fan who replaced every single shot of Britney in the video with a shot of him doing the exact same movement and mouthing the exact same line. At least he's being open right up front about lip syncing, right? Which is more than I can say for Britney. (Zinnnnnnng!) And he probably also won't complain afterward about the video being ‘too sexy', even though he theoretically had total creative control. Or maybe he will, just to make it more realistic.

But regardless you guys, it is so hilarious. Something about his costumes and the chest hair peeking out and that floppy hair and the fact that his body type is totally different from Britney's just cracks me up. And how serious he keeps his face the whole time! Ugh, it's perfect. This must have taken so much work and planning, and It's truly a masterpiece.

Please watch it immediately and try to tell me that it's not way more compelling than the original.