Britney Spears will get sawed in half for her fans

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When Britney Spears decided to do a circus-based tour for her album Circus, she didn't go half-way. Aside from all the dancers and effects on the stage, Britney will also have a real illusionist on tour with her.

Ed Alonzo will be creating a mastery of magic on stage throughout the tour. Britney will be sawed in half and will also do what is called transposition which means she'll be in one spot and suddenly show up somewhere else.

This trickery will just be one part of the show, along with the expected three-ring circus with trapeze artists and a lot of great visuals. Alonzo said that the dancing is incredible and blends hip-hop and tumbling among other steps.

As for how Britney will do on the tour, he said, “She's really got it together. She's totally focused. And she's working her butt off.”

So exciting!


Image used with permission: Newscom