Britney Spears Will Not Headline A Vegas Show, Probably Shouldn’t Have Quit The X Factor

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So…Britney Spears has been riding downhill on the roller coaster of life lately, it seems. Not only did she quit The X Factor and being engaged to Jason Trawick on the same day late last year, but now it looks like she won't be starring in her own show at Caesar's Palace in Vegas anytime soon either.

Buzzfeed reports that Caesars Palace confirmed that there was no space in the schedule for Spears. “We are packed every weekend” for months, they said. Caesar's Palace also said that they are “engaged with a number of today's top artists in discussions regarding headlining residencies at our venues in Las Vegas,” but that they  are not currently in talks with Spears.

Remember when we were all waiting for the inevitable Britney Blowup after calling off her engagement and ditching The X Factor?  Then all of sudden, word on the street was that Spears was in serious talks to do a stint at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace sometime soon and then we all felt a little better about things.  Apparently that lead to speculation that the Caesars rumor might have been a timely leak by the Spears camp designed to divert attention from that story.

Since it's pretty clear that Britney and her PR team did lie about it, I'm just wondering why.  Did they really think that no one would follow up on a juicy piece of info like that?  I'm sure tons of her fans immediately began looking into it, planning their Vegas vacas.  I'm sure Caesar's Palace was all like, “Uhhh… what??!”

But since this is Hollywood we're talking about here, naturally after reports surfaced that there would be no show, offers for Britney to have a Vegas show came pouring in.  Of course.  So perhaps we need not fear, and that sparkly nude thongs and anacondas will be making their way to Treasure Island or The Mirage sometime soon.

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