Britney Spears Could Earn $2 Million A Week For Her Vegas Show, I Feel Good About My Choices

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x factor finalists party 061112For the first time in ten thousand years, Britney Spears is an in-demand artist. Ever since news broke that she's leaving X Factorand looking to start a long-running show in Vegas, there's been a bidding war between a few hotels over who will win her residency. It was originally announced that Britney was in talks with Caesars to do her performances there, and shortly afterward it was reported that she had signed a $200 million two-year deal with them. That information was extra-false, however, and actually there are now three hotels –Caesars and two unnamed others — involved in a thunderdome of offers, trying to lure Britney into their shadowy lobbies.

So what exactly are they bidding on? Welp, Britney would be an on-site talent, performing multiple times a week, and occasionally prancing through the nightclub and pool areas so people feel really fancy and famous and lurk around spending money hoping she'll appear. She'll be like an endangered white elephant that tourists pay thousands of dollars just to get a glimpse of…except with more Fritos and Fraps. And what would she be paid for all this? For the privilege of lounging around Vegas for the majority of the time, maybe working on her album sometimes and occasionally dropping by an arena filled with screaming fans to strap a mic on her face and change her outfit a couple times. Well we don't know how much she'd be paid yet, because she hasn't settled on a venue or signed a contract, but Celine Dion reportedly got $100 million to do 210 shows over the course of three years at Caesars, and she signed that contract just last year. And since it's been speculated that Britney is an even bigger draw than Celine, she might clear substantially more. Early guesses and unsubstantiated rumors put the number closer to 150:

“Daren Libonati, president and COO of the promotion and production company Justice Entertainment Group, tells E! News [that] Spears could potentially bring in $2 million per week for a residency at a Caesar's hotel. With figures like that, she could make more than $144 million per year.

“Deals such as this are based on scale,” Libonati explained. “That's a very basic guess on what such a deal might look like. It could be even more.”

Holy shit, you guys, I've made the wrong decisions. I never did drugs or let my parents sell me into slavery…I mean show business, and I've only been married zero times, and this lady who has done all these things is gonna work like 2-3 days a week for 2-3 hours a day and make TWO THOUSAND PERCENT MORE MONEY THAN ME? Gulp. I've wasted my life.

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