The Infamous Britney Spears Head-Shaving Incident, Explained — And It Has To Do With Meth

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Britney Spears shaved head meth Sam Lufti court claims allegations drugsJust because it's been quiet for a few weeks since Britney Spears‘ former manager Sam Lufti started his defamation lawsuit against the pop star, doesn't mean that he's given up on trying to take her down. In fact, he's been building up to a big reveal that ties in to the most memorable part of Britney's career! Her infamous head-shaving incident? All because of her meth use, Lufti's people claim.

What's so ironic about this case is that Lufti is suing Britney's people for defamation… but he's accusing her of being addicted to meth. As we pointed out when this first came up, that claim is pretty damn preposterous since Britney doesn't have meth-mouth or any incriminating physical reactions that you would expect for someone who's been smoking the stuff. But in court, Lufti's lawyer Joseph Schleimer alleged that back in 2007 Britney was a serious drug user, with a penchant for crystal meth. At the time, she was worried that judges would test her hair for drugs and she would lose custody of her kids… so of course shaving it off was the perfect solution.

I have to say, I'm kind of relieved to have a quasi-explanation for the incident, even one as shady and unsubstantiated as this. I still remember where I was sitting — in my bedroom, on my old, hand-me-down desktop computer — when the TMZ report came out that Britney had walked into a barbershop, shaved off her hair (with that creepy smile!), and later attacked someone's car with an umbrella. Having grown up singing along to “Baby One More Time,” I was chilled to see my seemingly happy pop idol acting so erratically. Even the commonly-accepted explanation that she had a meltdown seemed too vague, like Britney's people were hiding something from us.

Though Britney's lawyers haven't responded specifically to the head-shaving claim, they claimed that Lufti was never Britney's manager with a heart of gold trying to save her from drugs, but “a sleazy drug pusher.” Interestingly, they don't really deny the actual drugs part. So if we do discover that it was meth that propelled Britney to the electric razor, it could be that that downward spiral originated with Lufti himself. Adding even more intrigue to the case is this video TMZ unearthed of Lufti from 2010: When they asked him about the head-shaving incident, he said nothing about drugs. Instead, he responded that there was nothing wrong with Britney and that he thought it was “a cool thing… somebody expressing their artistic side.”

This is like the mystery of our generation. I expect a Snopes page to be created ASAP.

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