Britney Spears Gives The Worst Advice Ever, Continues To Go Rogue Because Who Needs A PR Team Anyway?

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Britney Spears Squint

Is there a specific term for that thing when you place your index finger and your thumb together and gently rub the bridge of your nose in between your eyes while sighing?  Because every time I read about anything Britney Spears has said and done during her current media rounds, that's all I can do.  Just hang my head, close my eyes, and do a Saul Berenson eye-rub.  I mean, oy.  Does she belong to the Lea Michele School Of Who Needs A PR Team?

First it was calling gay people “somewhat girly” and going on and on about her gay fans in a sincerely ignorant way.  Then she slept through her awkward interview with Ellen.  (How can you be awkward with ELLEN?!)  Yesterday we learned she thinks plastic surgery is “fun stuff.”  What else could we learn from Britney Jean, you ask?  Why, how to survive a break-up, of course!  Just throw on your favorite pair of cut-off Britney Jean-shorts and have a Botox slumber party with your girly gay friends!  No, I'm just kidding, she didn't say that.  What's the best way to get over a boyfriend, Britney?  Inquiring minds want to know!

“Just get another guy really quick!  I think if you get another boyfriend it's really easy to get over it.”

Sigh. Okay, admittedly she was on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, which isn't exactly PBS or anything, but come on.  I know Britney's had a rough (and at times, heartbreaking) road to hoe throughout the last handful of years, and I would never, ever judge anyone who has struggled with their mental health.  But that's what PR teams are for!  When you're “all better” and making your “comeback”, they're supposed to help you know what to say and how to say it.  Which is clearly not the case for Britney.  Which is a shame, because I think we all really do want to see her doing well.

Hey, maybe I have this all wrong. It was said in a lighthearted way, and maybe she was making fun of herself and her own romantic life a little.  I just wish that lovely, sweet little Britney was sending better messages this week, that's all.

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