Britney Spears Admits She’s Had Plastic Surgery, Legitimately Calls It ‘Fun Stuff’

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Where is Britney Spears‘ team lately? Aren't they supposed to put up some kind of publicity wall between her and the media so that she doesn't end up saying that gay people are ‘somewhat girls' or tumbling headfirst into an open Frappuccino?

In any case, the traditional leash-holder must be burning through some of their built-up vacation time somewhere, because Britney is on quite the roll lately. Her new thing is admitting to getting some work done, which is something you're only supposed to do if they don't accept your first two password attempts at the speakeasy and you've already handed the bouncer a $20. Then and only then do you admit that your face isn't the same face that you have always had on your face. Forever and ever amen.

But Britney apparently doesn't know that or forgot, because when In Style asked her if she was born with it or if maybe it was Maybelline, she spilled all the silicone beans. ALL OF THEM.

“I’ve had lip injections before.”

The curtain is up, the illusion is shattered, the game is afoot. How are we supposed to go on from here, Brit? Especially since you GAVE US THE NAME OF YOUR PLASTIC SURGEON, Dr. Raj Kanodia, and said that he “does fun stuff to me sometimes”.

Girl. GIRL. You cannot go saying these things out in public. First of all, they're creepy. But second of all, a lady never shares the name of her surgeon. She saves it like she saves her precious virginity flower for her husband, cradling it close to her heart like the treasure that it is. And now you gave away your treasure, Britney, and I can never trust a word you say ever again. I'll always be wondering what ‘fun stuff' could possibly mean.

Is a boob job fun? What about a nose job? What's the most fun thing you can do to your body? A butt removal? That's the funniest thing I can think of. Like taking off your butt and putting it on your elbows. That would be pretty fun. I wonder if Britney did that. I'll probably never sleep through the whole night ever again.