Lucky Magazine Is Sorry About That Britney Spears Cover

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As previously reported, Lucky Magazine ran with a wack ass image of Britney Spears for their November cover. However, in a rare moment of self-awareness, the glossy mag has since recognized the cover's wackassery and issued an apology to those who were disappointed she didn't look more, um, Britney-like.

In addition to blogs like this one, the cover was criticized by Britney fans from all corners of the Internet, for things like putting a horrendous wig on her (I didn't even notice that before, just thought her hair looked odd), making her look like a drag queen version of herself, using too much Photoshop, and disrespecting a bloody LEGEND. In response, the magazine tweeted:

But the fans were not satisfied!

That apology was not nearly self-abasing enough, Lucky Magazine. TRY AGAIN.

(Via HuffPo)