Britney Spears And Christina Aguilera Now Competing For Title Of ‘Most Photoshopped’

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Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera have long competed for various titles (“perkiest teen pop star,” “best singing competition reality show judge,” “most boners given to middle aged men without showing nipple or vag”), but now, they're competing for the most dubious title of them all: “most ridiculously altered promotional photo.”

Whose is worse? Let's take a look. On the cover of the November issue of Lucky (above), Brit Brit appears looking somewhat different from her usual self. I realize her face has filled out a bit over the years, but they plumped and tweaked her until she looks less like herself than her Madame Tussaud's mannequin. When I first saw it, I actually thought she was Ashley Tisdale for a few seconds.

Then we have this ad for Christina Aguilera‘s new perfume, in which her arms (and body in general) appear weirdly skinny, her joints rubbery, and her head tacked on. There are also many shadows where they do not belong.

As Jezebel and my eyeballs point out, this image bears little resemblance to what Christina Aguilera, the physical person walking around on Earth, currently looks like:

BUT WHOSE IS WORSE? Well, Britney made a strong showing with whatever the hell they did to her face, but in terms of sheer wackassery, I think X-tina takes the cake. Better luck next time, Spears.

(Via Jezebel)

UPDATE: Apparently the Christina Aguilera ad is from two years ago, when she was thinner. She's still Photoshopped to shit, though.

Photos: Lucky Magazine, Jezebel, WENN