Britney Spears Worked Out So Hard That She Photoshopped Herself Two-Dimensional

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Britney Spears cringing X Factor GIF(via)

You gotta hand it to Britney Spears‘ team, they simply will not admit defeat in Battle Abs. Even though Britney clearly has better things to do than get back to the chiseled six pack of her late teens, they just keep finding new ways to fake it.

For their first attempt, they allegedly just painted them onto Britney for her Vegas show, something that audience members were quick to call out. Her team issued denials, but it's hard to argue with photographs, y'know? We're all human beings in the world, and we know what paint on a belly looks like.

So now, after dealing with the backlash from that particular debacle, it seems like we've selected an entirely new strategy to portray Brit as a skinny Minnie again — Photoshop! Britney posted a photo to her Instagram from a shoot with Jeff Lipsky, and the girl is just…flat as a pancake. And not just her abs, her entire body.

The caption is ‘Amazing amazing shoot with @jefflipsky today! Been working hard this summer! So ready to bring it for the next round of #PieceOfMe shows next week', but COME ON. There's no way you were working out so hard that you completely deflated your entire body. Just look at that two-dimensional queen! What happened to her boobs? What happened to her face?? Where did she go and how long has she been sucking in? Can she slip under doors? How serious is this?

For all this effort, you may be wondering why they don't just let her wear a top that covers her entire torso, but that is apparently Not An Option. Just like it's Not An Option to give this lady any time off from her career to recover or get her life back or spend some time with the family members who don't currently have a conservatorship over her. So just her kids then, I guess? I hope they like cardboard cutouts, because that seems to be what they're working with now.