Why Does Everyone Seem To Want Britney Spears To Have Another Breakdown?

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Britney Spears is  spotted leaving a doggie spa

Guys have you heard the news? Britney Spears took her dog to the spa wearing boxers and a tank top, which can mean one and only one thing:

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 7.23.00 PM

Just as a general rule, people are the worst. And I do understand that. But are we really jumping straight from boxers to mental breakdown right now? Maybe her dog needed an emergency shampoo you guys. Sure, it's not her best look ever (nor her worst), but if boxers necessitate insanity then mental hospitals across the country are about to start filling up fast.

Sure, she could've stepped it up a little bit to some nicer comfortable clothes, but for God's sake are we really calling this non-incident a mental breakdown? Apparently we are. “Whatever the case, we hope Britney can pull it together for her kids’ sake.”

If there's anything worse than logical fallacies it's feigned empathy, and the volume on both are cranked up to high right now. Can everyone just take a moment and remember what it was like when Brit Brit was going around wielding umbrellas and we were all reminiscing for the good old days of “Baby One More Time”? Now it seems like we're reminiscing for the days of insanity.

Those were bad days people. Let's not encourage them.

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