Britney Spears’ Love Notes To Fiance Jason Trawick Make Me Want To Mash My Face

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In case you weren't aware, Britney Spears and her fiance Jason Trawick are super-duper in love. IN LOVE I SAY. Maybe you didn't know that because you are stupid and you don't understand, but they're here to help, as they're going public. Just like Facebook did the other day! With probably similarly disappointing results.

But I digress. Britney completed her first weekend of X Factor judging, and Jason wanted her (and everyone else) to know he was proud of her, so he posted a video message on his Viddy.com account entitled ‘Little Princess' in which he let her know how proud he was of her, how much he loved her, blah blah blah…from their shared hotel room bed. Literally Britney stepped out of the room for a second to powder her crazy, and instead of waiting for her to get back so he could tell her in person, he posted a public video message about it…which she then thought was important for all of her Facebook fans to see, so she re-posted it there with the message, “Awwww love you too Xoxo.”

This is like when you're hanging out with a bunch of people at a party and you get a new text, so you check it, and it's from your friend…who's at the party. So you're all like, “Yo, did you just text me?” and they're like, “Heh, yeah.” and you're like, “Wtf, what's wrong with you, bro? Just tell me to my face.”

Except in this version, Britney got the first text and went, “OMG it's so cute that you're texting me at this party, I'm gonna text everyone ELSE at this party to let them know how cute we are!!!” Except we didn't even go to that party but because of the internet, we still get their stupid mass texts.

Bottom line: if you guys are gonna text during the party, you could at least do it to tell each other to go on a beer run, amirite?

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