Celebrity Lookalikes: This Britney Spears Impersonator Gets All Of Britney’s Glamour Without That Shaved Head Nonsense

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Britney Spears lookalike Michaela Weeks impersonator photos videosWhen it comes to celebrity impersonators, I always wonder—do they grow up wanting to be performers, or do they feel trapped into it because of their eerily similar looks? Michaela Weeks, a professional Britney Spears impersonator, tells The Sun that she's “very blessed” to look like the troubled pop star. Michaela, now 24, started dressing and performing as Britney eight years ago and was able to buy her first house at 19. She's also dropped cash on sports cars, clothes, shoes, and her pedigree pet chihuahua Charlie. (What, its name isn't Bit Bit?) She's traveled the world, starred in a Kaiser Chiefs music video, and posed for the celebrity spoof photographer Alison Jackson.

What I love from this interview is that Michaela unabashedly admits that she profits off of Britney's career highs and lows. It's pretty fascinating how much Michaela's success necessarily has to mirror Britney's: “I love it when Britney puts on weight because I can slack off a bit and enjoy snacking,” she said. “But I have to get in shape when she does.”

Already in dire straits financially in 2007, she almost lost her source of income when Britney shaved her head and went to rehab. But as she started to get better, Michaela got more bookings. “Since Britney was named as a judge on the US X Factor this summer, I’ve been so busy,” Michaela says. At the height of her career she made $483,000; even now, a well-paying event still nets her over $5,600.

Up close she doesn't look a ton like Brit, but the persona is all out there in her videos. Judging from other videos on her channel, she doesn't have the best voice, but she has a lot of the dance moves down and just carries herself with that same air.

However, Michaela emphasizes that she has a personal connection to her doppelganger: “I’m a huge Britney fan — it would be awful if I had to impersonate someone I hated. If I ever get to meet her I want to thank her for giving me this life.”

Photo: HotSpot Media