Fans Say Britney Spears Looks Sad In Meet & Greets, Should’ve Used Their $2,500 To Help Her Escape

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Britney Spears Lucky

I just can't handle hearing any more about how sad Britney Spears is. When I first heard about her Las Vegas show, I was excited for Brit. I figured that if she was going to do a show on such a big scale for such a long run, she must really be getting herself back together. Sure, maybe it's a bit early in her career for a Celine Dion-style epic retrospective, but each year is more like five years in pop star world anyway.

But now I'm not so sure about the Vegas show, because it's starting to look and feel like Britney is trapped. She had a wardrobe malfunction the other night and barely seemed to know what was going on. In videos from the opening night of Britney's Piece of Me show, Miley Cyrus is dancing with twice the energy in the front row.

Now, fans are reporting that Britney looks just as sad and lackadaisical in her meet and greets. As part of a special package, fans can pay $2,500 (!) to get front row seats, a bunch of Britney merch, and a meet and greet after the show. But the fans who have coughed up the hefty sum are claiming that they only got to see Britney for “three seconds,” and saying that she barely talked and just looked plain sad. I mean, look at this photo. I haven't seen a smile that insincere since The Hills ended.

This could just be a case of a star looking to make bank off of desperate fans… it wouldn't be the first time. But Brit Brit seems to be genuinely sad and lost in all the photos and videos from her new show. Like she doesn't want to be there. And I can see why. Her residency at Planet Hollywood is two years long. That's an awfully long run, especially if you're not particularly enthusiastic about it to begin with.

I can't stand to see her so sad anymore. FREE BRITNEY. Let's help her bust out of there. Who's with me? Somebody call Jennifer Lawrence and tell her to brush up on her Katniss skills. Miley can come too, but only if she puts her tongue away and promises to keep her clothes on.

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