Watch Underage Britney Spears Do A Duet With Underage Justin Timberlake

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There's nothing more precious on the Internet than classic Mickey Mouse Club videos from the '90s. Okay, I take that back. One time I saw a video of Ryan Gosling rocking a baby sloth to sleep while Raven Symone sung lullabies in the background. But other than that gem, I'm all about the MMC.

And that's why I found this video of an underage Britney Spears doing a duet with an underage Justin Timberlake — before they fell in love and started making fake virginity pledges to America. Weren't those the days! Also, I think Christina Aguilera was still sober in this decade, so that's also neat.

So before you kick off your weekend debating the whereabouts of Kristen Stewart, take a moment to to enjoy our collective youth. During our innocent, virginal days where we could spend hours just watching tweens sing.