Britney Spears’ Documentary Flopped, But Her Team Will Let Her Be The Last To Know

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Britney Spears Dont Let Me Be the Last to Know

I'm feeling kind of sad for Britney Spears these days, y'all. First she put out that video for “Work Bitch” that was pretty much devoid of work, but not devoid of autotune. Then she started saying some pretty distressing things about everything from plastic surgery to motherhood. And then her new album Britney Jean was released to the worst sales of her career. Now it looks like even her recent documentary I Am Britney Jean, which aired this past weekend on E! and gave a behind-the-scenes look at her Las Vegas show, was a flop, with Radar Online reporting it brought in only 706,000 viewers. When compared to her 2009 MTV documentary For the Record, which brought in 3.7 million viewers, things aren't looking too good for Britney's career right now.

But don't tell Britney that. No, seriously, could you guys make sure to not tell Britney about any of this? Because according to Radar, that's what her team has been doing. Apparently her manager and father won't let her read the negative reviews of her album, and one can only assume they'll extend that policy to her documentary ratings. She apparently doesn't even have access to the Internet. It's all to prepare her for her Vegas residency, which starts today. And even that is looking to maybe be a flop, since seats are apparently still available for opening night, despite Britney's team denying poor ticket sales.

As soon as I read this report that Britney didn't know about her struggling career, the song “Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know” started playing in my head. “Who sang that song?” I thought to myself. Oh right, it was Britney Spears. And apparently her request to be kept in the loop was denied. Ugh, irony is a cruel, cruel bitch. But at least Britney can bond with Justin Bieber over their documentaries flopping. And then maybe Bieber can give her some advice about retirement.

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