Welcome To The Future: Britney Spears Exchanges Tweets With The Curiosity Mars Rover

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I'm about to write a sentence that would make absolutely no sense ten years ago: Britney Spears tweeted at the Curiosity Mars Rover, and the Curiosity Mars Rover tweeted back. Sure, that (almost) makes sense in today's world, but let's take a moment to discuss how incredibly future-y we've gotten in 2012. For one thing, we have a really expensive robot driving around on Mars right now. That's pretty future-y. And for another thing, we have this thing called Twitter that allows pop princesses to send messages to said expensive robots as they rove expensively around Mars. Add in a flying car or two and a machine that downloads your breakfast for you, and we could be in a science fiction movie right now.

But we're not. We're in real life. So instead of being impressed that we're exploring other planets and that we can now know the minutiae of celebrities' lives in 140 words or less, you're probably wondering what the tweets from Britney to Curiosity were about. So let me oblige that curiosity. You may remember young Miss Spears had a video in 2000 for the song Oops…I Did It Again where her handy red bodysuit enabled her to dance on the surface of Mars without any breathing apparatus. (Side note: please re-watch that video and marvel at how incredibly un-sexy they were able to make a skintight bodysuit. It literally has a turtleneck.) One of Britney's interns (there's no way she runs her Twitter herself) also remembered that video, and decided to tweet to the official Twitter of the Curiosity Mars rover:Okay, I like it. It's a cute way to get people to re-watch the music video, which I'm currently doing nonstop, and it's also topical. Good job, Spears intern. What they probably weren't expecting is that the Curiosity would tweet back:

Yes, bitches. I don't know who's in charge of this Twitter, but they won the internet today. Obviously in my dreams, Curiosity is a sentient being who is able to understand emotions and respond to tweets because that's awesome and hilarious. But I do also understand that its time is probably better served by scouting and collecting rocks. As disappointing as that is.